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Indien talar ut mot Wahabismen

På ett möte, talade en indisk representant ut om den onde mannen Wahab och wahabismen, sekten som skapades på 1700-talet och som orsakat så mycket lidande och så mycket misär bland muslimerna. Saudiska ambassadören valde att lämna lokalen i “protest“.Här kommer texten från artikeln på engelska:

Saudi Arabian Ambassador Fasal Hassan walks out of the International
Conference of Jurists-2009, showing his objection to a remark on Wahabis by
noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani, in New Delhi on Saturday. Photo

The former Union Law Minister and senior lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, caused a
flutter at an international conference on terrorism here on Saturday by
alleging that Wahabism was responsible for terrorism, provoking a walkout by
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to India Faisal-al-Trad.

In his address, Mr. Jethmalani, who is president of the All-India Senior
Advocates Association, said: “Unfortunately in the 17th century, they
produced an evil man in Saudi Arabia by the name of Wahab, who was concerned
about the decline of the Muslim world, but he hit upon a wrong remedy.”

He alleged that the Wahabi terrorism instilled rubbish in the minds of young
people to carry out terrorist attacks. When he said “India had friendly
relations with a country that supported Wahabi terrorism,” Saudi Arabia’s
Ambassador Faisal-al-Trad was seen walking out of the conference held at
Vigyan Bhavan.

Adish C. Aggarwala, chairman, All-India Bar Association and joint organiser
of the conference, said the Ambassador returned after Union Law Minister M.
Veerappa Moily clarified that Mr. Jethmalani’s views were not those of the

Mr. Jethmalani said: “It was unfortunate that entire Islam as a religion was
being blamed for terrorism. There are also Hindu terrorists and Buddhist
terrorists.” He said he was a student of all religions, including Islam, and
had the highest respect for the Prophet, who he said was a man of peace.

Describing the Non-Aligned Movement and Panchsheel as evil, he said India
should align with the forces of good to combat evil forces. “India and its
Foreign Ministers must learn to reassess the doctrines of the past. India’s
foreign policy establishment should be courageous to shun the country’s
relationships with its enemies.”

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