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Mick Wallace says arms industry shares up 4% in three days

France though was selling weapons to Saudi Arabia which was giving them to Islamic State as was the United Arab Emirates, he said. They would give them to anyone who would fight Syria’s president Bashar al Assad. Mr Wallace was criticised when he tweeted shortly after news of the attacks emerged: “So terrible for the victims, but when is France going to stop its role in the militarisation of the planet?” “Western countries are arming both sides. We have created Isis but we’re not going to defeat it militarily. Only Iraq and Syria will eventually defeat Isis.”

Mick Wallace en irisk oberoende politiker, menar det är ingen slump att väst står bakom ISIS, då han tog upp statistik som visar att vapenindustrins aktier, ökat med 4% sedan attacken mot Paris. Han finner det besynnerligt att väst beväpnar både Irak och dess motståndare ISIS. Vidare tog han upp att väst inte vill eller kommer besegra ISIS utan det kommer Irak och Syrien göra.

Källa: Mick Wallace says arms industry shares up 4% in three days

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