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Umar erkänner Imam Ali a.s

Här erkänner Umar, att Imam Ali a.s var den som hade rätten till att efterträda Profeten saw.


Umar:”How did you leave your cousin?”

Ibn `Abbas said he thought `Umar meant `Abdullah ibn Ja`far; so, he answered: “I left him in the company of his friends.”

Umar said: “I did not mean him; I meant the greatest among you, Ahl al-Bayt(i.e. Imam Ali).”

Ibn `Abbas said: “I left him exiled, irrigating while reciting the Qur’an.”

`Umar said: “O `Abdullah! I implore you not to be shy but tell me if he is still concerned about the issue of caliphate.” Ibn Abbasanswered in the affirmative.

Then `Umar asked: ” Does he claim that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) has selected him for it?”

Ibn `Abbas answered: “Yes, indeed; moreover, I even asked my father if there was any statement made by the Messenger of Allah regarding selecting him for the caliphate, and my father informed me that that was the truth.”

`Umar then said: “The Messenger of Allah held him in very high esteem through his speeches and actions in a way that left no argument nor excuse for anyone, and he kept testing the nation regarding him for some time; nay, even when he was sick [prior to his demise], he wished to nominate him for it, but it was I who stopped him.”

Imam Abul-Fadl Ahmed ibn Abu Tahir in his book Tarikh Baghdad

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