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Shiagruppens dikttävling om al Ghadir

Första dikten i tävlingen om al Ghadir, av Harith Alsaaid. Tävlingen ingår i vår grupp – Sveriges Shiamuslimer.


In a pilgrimage to be his last; Hujjat Al-wadaa’
The Beloved was told to deliver a final wi7aa
So he stopped at a place with the name of Ghadeer
And was consoled by the Mighty to show no fear

To announce their leader, their future Khalifa
Although he would later be betrayed in their Saqifa
“Whoever I am his leader, Ali is his leader”
But none paid heed, they may as well have had fever

But we remember the Thaqalayn
We remembered the two weighty things
Your words were never said in vain,
They will never be apart; The Quran and your Ahlulbayt
And so we will honor that pledge and our imam await

A command from Allah, indeed a heavenly revelation
To appoint a successor of great inspiration
Deliver this or he had not delivered words of salvation
A testament to this grand occassion

All of this unfolded during that memorable day
So that the muslims would never go astray
And after those announcements in the sun-baking heat
It was said; “Your religion has now for you been complete”

– Harith Alsaaid

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