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Ashura – Joshs kända dikt

Otroligt bra dikt

JOSH MALIHABA’DI —(Shabbir Hasan Khan 1894 – 1982 mera känd som Josh). En Urduspråkig poet, som skrev en dikt om den storslagne Hussein bin Ali (a.s)

History is making a repeated clarian call,

It’s the wilderness of resoluteness, of woe and gall,

By the fortitude of Christ, by Socrates’ valour,

This path is trodden alone, by a man of honour,

The man, tempered are whose veins, by the fire of Badr and Hunain,

He is the valiant being, his sweet name is Hussain.

Of the attributes of the Prophet, the perceiver was Hussain,

Of the holiness of the Prophet, the inheritor was Hussain,

Of the Secrets of Nature, an evidence was Hussain,

Of Providence, the best creature, in existence was Hussain,

For shaping out the universe, in the best of mould,

With the point of his eye-lash, he measured life’s gold.

Hussain was a lone symbol, of utter thirst,

Hussain was a Heavenly sign, on this very dust,

Hussain was the lord, of the youths of Paradise,

Hussain was the creator of an epoch, glorious and nice,

Into his blood, the commotion lay but calm,

And into each drop, there was Noah’s storm.

Of the men of resolution, Hussain was the leader,

Into the pool of his own blood, Hussain was the swimmer,

Of the revival faith, the messenger was Hussain,

Of Karbala’s resurrecting day, the creator was Hussain,

In his approbation, lay the will of Providence,

Of the spirit of revolution, he was the main essence.

Hussain is yet, the tower of greatness,

Hussain’s look is, all but sweetness,

Hussain is a lesson of amity, in its fullness,

Hussain is the testimony, of Adam’s nobleness,

A unique model he is, of the supreme sacrifice,

Oh! What a grand selection of God, the Wise.

He is Hussain, whose name shall live till eternity,

At times, he guides the wise men, with all solemnity,

That within the multi-colored dome of this universe,

There abides the Creator, the Conscious Being of ours,

With his bowings, he attracts the masses to the object of prayer,

A lone semblance he is, of the Diety of prayer.

He smashed the pride of power, reducing it to dust,

He tumbled the throne, crushing the ruler and his lust,

He shook the empire, undoing its pomp and pageantry,

He dealt a blow to the kingship and bureaucracy,

Thus, the rule of tyranny, was abased for ever,

And the word “Yazid”, was debased for ever.

For three days, he remained without water,

He had put his whole house, on spear and lancer,

He laid down his life, in conscience’s fair name,

Bud had never yielded to the demand, full of shame,

Unemcumbered he was, when kingship he had quashed,

And the icy hands of death, he had smashed.

Despite that many a tyrant, has attempted about,

That the memory of the martyrs of Karbala, be washed out,

And from the face of world, Hussain’s name be effaced,

But to the ground, each such conspiracy is razed,

Dyed with the blood of Abbas is set,

The banner of Hussainism, is unfurled as yet.

The beam of the revolution morn, which is appearing,

The zephyr is dancing, the dawn is emerging,

Tyranny is but throbbingm its tail-end is quivering,

Underneath them, the self of Hussain is glimmering,

The tunes of righteousness, all around, my friends,

Are but the echos of the valiant, which resound, my friends.

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