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Ghadir – Hadith

The Messenger of God(P.B.U.H) said the following about Ali bin Abi Talib(AS):

He is the first one to believe in Islam; He is the most knowledgeable; He is the most correct one in his DEEN; He is the most certain; He is the most patient; He is the most forgiving and generous; He is the bravest in heart; He is the IMAM and the successor after me. -Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

Source: Reference (Ghayatol Maram P45 H51. Kanz Al-Ommal P121. Ethbat Al-Hodat V3 P633 H862. Sadough in Amali P16 H6. Bihar Al-Anwar V38 P90 H1. Helyato Abrar V1 P235.)

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