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Khomeinis profetia om Egyptens revolution redan 1981

From a Speech of Imam Khomeini [ra] given on October 9, 1981 after the assassination of Anwar Sadat on October 6, and installation of Husni Maubarak as president of Egypt:

…..The Egyptian nation should know that if they rise up against these plots just as Iran did, they will attain victory. The Egyptian nation should not fear the martial law and not care about it. In the same way that Iranian nation broke the martial law and took to the streets, they should follow suit and drive out these American scums. The Egyptian nation should not sit and wait for this almost lost power to pull its weight together and force its influence on the nation. This is the day for the Egyptian nation to rise up. Today is the day of the government’s weakness and the nations’ power. They should show strength and not care about the martial law, which is against all standards. They should break this martial law and take to the streets and topple this government which wants to fight Islam with bayonet. He has said outright that whoever is loyal to Islam will be suppressed. This is a duty for the Egyptian nation and for the scholars who do not depend on the government. This is a duty for scholars. Egyptian scholars should rise up and defend Islam for the sake of God. What excuse can the scholars of Egypt give for sitting and listening idle and seeing the same people region power? Prior to coming to power, this government declared that they would suppress whoever related to Islam. Today, you are victorious. Today, the Egyptian people command the power.

The Egyptian army should not give Israel the opportunity to rule over their country, and not let America and Israel control the destiny of their country. The Egyptian army should take care that if it wants to back this government that has declared to be following America and Israel and will stifle whoever speaks of Islam, it will carry this disgrace for all times. They should not bring this disgrace upon themselves. Army is very unlikely to be on the government side, except those officers who are agents of the U. S. What benefit did the Iraqi army reap out of this affiliation?

(Sahifeye Imam Khomeini [ra], vol 15, p. 245-446, a part of speech given on October 9, 1981, Dhu’l-Hijjah 01, 1401 AH. Place: Jamaran, Tehran. Subject: Comparing the Islamic system with other governments; some recommendations to the Islamic countries and nations. Occasion: Auspicious Eid of Qurban; confirming presidency of Seyyed Ali Khamene’i])

Seyyed Ali Khamenei [ha]: There is no doubt that on the basis of divinely ordained truths, the new Middle East will take its shape which will be Islamic Middle East. [from speech given on 27th February, 2010]

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