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Hjärtskärande text från en reporter i Irak

Före detta statsministern Blair skriver en bok, och blir rik på sina lögner. En man som förorsakade miljoners död och lidanden, tar inte ansvar för sina handlingar. Han skriver en bok där han hyllar sig själv och sin vän Bush, för att de tog bort Saddam, samtidigt förstörde de Irak för många år framöver. Samtidigt skriver en västerländsk reporter ett hjärtskärande stycke om sitt möte med en irakier han kände, en irakier som inte lever längre..

On my last afternoon in Iraq, in December 2008, I drove to a graveyard in Baghdad to have a conversation with Khalid Hassan, who had been dead for over a year. All I could do when I got there was kneel in the dust and say, over and over, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry that a 23-year-old who worked in the Times Baghdad bureau’s newsroom was killed, brutally and pointlessly, on his way to work; sorry that I had not found a way to anticipate that horror and move him to a safer neighborhood after a bomb had destroyed his apartment and injured his sister a few months earlier; sorry that someone whose bravery and maturity I saw blossoming would never have a chance to grow up.

Death anywhere cuts short a conversation, prevents you from saying the words you wanted to say or realize later that you needed to say or should have said. Khalid must have literally skidded to a stop, as the murderers first fired automatic rifles into his beat-up Kia and then came back to shoot him in the head and neck after he survived the initial volley. He died next to a gas station after sending a final text message from the cellphone he was never without: “I’m O.K., Mom.”

That would be another conversation without a sequel.

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