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Booonaa Mohammed – For the Love

Satte upp liten dikt av en muslim om sin kärlek, sin stora kärlek förra året. Här har Eshaal lyckats med att skriva ner hela texten för dem som inte har youtube. Eshaal har en ny blogg, så adda henne 🙂

Det finns nog de som har lite svårt att hänga med eftersom han pratar ganska snabbt, så jag har skrivit ner hans ord;

You should only say ‘I love you’
When it is completely obvious
And is not actually needed to be said
So I pray to God that I love her until my very last breath

Wallahi she is perfect
Everything about her just makes perfect sense
And anytime I get lost or confused she is a true friend

Ever since I was a child we use to study on the weekends
And I mean, some of the brothers liked her
And some of the brothers were obsessed

And at first, I didn’t really get it
I mean, what made her so different?
Until my eyes were opened wide to our sweet romance
And wallahi she is perfect
Did I mention that part yet?

“Ahh, he’s going crazy. He really needs help.”
Please, judge me all you want but keep the verdicts to yourself
Because no matter who you love there will always be obstacles and critics
And good looks aren’t everything
But hey, it’s all I really got

And I wanna get close to her because she is close to God
So I cry my heart out, I let it all go
Because after every rainfall must come a rainbow
And trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you’ve never even met

So I can’t turn back now
I can’t pretend to be ignorant
I can’t go around acting like she doesn’t have me on lock
Hasn’t got me lowering my gaze
Because she is always on top of my mind
Designed as a kind gesture to all mankind
So I could still see her beauty even if I was blind

And I believe everything she says because she is yet to lie
And if you could point out a contradiction I would gladly say goodbye
But you can’t
So I can’t get her off my mind
No word of a lie
She is a dime
Eleven out of ten

And I love the fact that she always has me thinking
Because to live without thinking is to shoot without aiming
People have alot of questions about her and so
You know, I don’t mind explaining
Because she has absolutely nothing to hide
Her house is your house
So you’re all allowed inside

But what bothers me
Is when people who don’t know her talk bad about her behind her back
Uneducated chit-chat
But she is perfect
Why can’t you all just see that?
Why don’t you learn about her before you cast your stones?

We never blame love
Even though love has caused plenty of wars
You’ve never seen the wind
But you still know that it blows

So trust me
There is no point in trying to break up our happy home
Because the struggle only makes us stronger
The change makes me wise
And happiness has it’s own weird way of taking its sweet time

She’s my other half
My sidekick on the side
She makes me, me
We are partners in crime
Where she is I am not far behind
And if she’s in danger
Then my life too is on the line

And it’s not just a crush anymore
I wanna learn everything about her
Everything that happened before
To all of her friends
And to all of her misguided fools

And to be honest
I don’t really like arguing about her
Because I don’t wanna do her the slightest bit of harm
And I’d love to stay and entertain your battle of whits
But most of you are clearly unarmed

I love and respect her
Like I have been taught to love and respect all women
So to you is your love
And to me, is my religion

Some men manipulate her
And use her for greed
Kill in her name
But her name comes from peace

So I stand by her pillars proud
She keeps me grounded
Reminds me to be humble
Through her are all the answers to every question even worth asking

And to love her
You must be capable of loving all types of human beings
Because they deserve to hear her words and learn of her teachings

She represents what’s within
All my sisters and brothers
Practice by my kin
And praise by my mother

A gift from Allah
Sent from way up above
She is Islam
I am in love

– Boonaa Mohammed



  1. Elin
    Elin 10 april 2010

    Thanks to you! 😀

  2. R
    R 11 april 2010

    korrektion: inte “A living out of ten”… utan eleven out of ten. Alltså en 11 poängare utav 10. Tack för texten i övrigt.

  3. Elin
    Elin 12 april 2010

    Tack för korrektionen, var lite tveksam där!

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