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Konspirationen mot Jafariskolan (eng)

Här kommer en längre artikel på engelska om hur väst försökt och försöker splittra Jafariskolan, alltså shiaislam, från insidan. Jag vet inte hur mycket sanning den innehåller, men i och med den senaste tidens kontakt med shias som är okunniga, shias som konverterat till shiaislam och med släkt i Irak, har visat att en stor del av den här artikeln kan ha rätt.

Okunskapen och den respektlöshet mot shiaislam och de lärda, uttalad av shias, visar att artikeln kan stämma rätt bra.

ps: Azadari som nämns i artiklen är ett pakiord för sorgprocessionen över Hussain, Profeten Muhammeds barnbarns död vid Kerbala 1400 år sedan och som spelar stor roll för shiiterna.

This article is a translation back into English from an Urdu article, which covers parts of the interview in the concerned book (“A Plan to Divide and Destroy the Theology”) [edited 17th July, 2001]
Dua GO: M.Liaquat Raza

In the book, “A Plan to Divide and Destroy the Theology”, an interview with Dr. Michael Brant has been published. Dr. Brant was the right hand of Bob Woodwards, CIA’s ex-chief.

Dr. Brant was working for a long time for the CIA but due to his improper use of money and authority he was discharged from his post. Upon this, he revealed many of the secret plans and eye opening facts.

Dr. Brant talks about the sum of 900 million dollars being fixed for these secret missions and drug money being taken from Columbia and Afghanistan for the same purpose. Yet, the drug money was not used for the purpose it was allocated for and even the other sum was not taken care of properly.

The aim of the research about Shi’ites by them presents the Shiite Azadari practices as a group of ignorant and violent people who create disturbances amongst the general masses and anction large funds to disseminate such movements and promote the speakers who will speak in a way as to present Azadari as something illogical.

Dr. Michael Brant Reveals CIA Plans

Dr. Brant says that for the past many decades the West has governed the Islamic world. Over time the Muslim countries gained their independence but their concept of freedom, politics and culture was under the strong influence of the West, most especially in politics and finance. After independence, these countries did not give attention to the educational and cultural aspects making up society and continued to follow the “western thought culture” in the society.

In 1979, the Iranian revolution brought about an earthquake, shattering the long term plan being carried out for years and years. At the beginning it was thought that it was due to the suppression of The Shah of Iran that the civil war had begun. It seemed that the religious people and leaders (“Ulema”) were taking advantage of this for themselves. [edited] Hatred against the West in different countries such as Lebanon and Pakistan started to rise and the Shi’ites became stronger.

The 1983 Conference

Looking at all this, in 1983 the high authorities gave a conference. In this conference the British secret service also participated. Britain having vast experience with these countries was to have key ideas about what to do with regards to the Shiites.

It was decided that the Iranian revolution was not just a result of the Shah’s oppression but there were more realities and facts behind the scene. From which, the strongest factor was the Islamic authority being a guide to politicians and to manage the rule and politics of an Islamic country and the 1400 years old martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed’s grandson Hussein (’a). The mourning of  Hussein (’a) is celebrated by Shi’ites with great sorrow and grief. These are the two factors due to which Shiites seem more effective and active. In this meeting it was decided that Shi’ite Islam must be understood and a project is to be launched for which a special section will be made. The budget fixed was 4 million $US.

According to Dr. Michael Brant, the project was divided into 3 stages:

  1. Data collection

  2. Short term targets

  3. Long term Targets

In the first stage, research scholars were sent around the world from which 6 were sent to Pakistan. (Their names are available in the article).

[names edited]

In the Early Surveys Questions Such as the Following Were Asked:

Where in the world are Shiites residing and how many per area?

What is the social and economic status of the Shi’ites and what are the differences amongst them?

How to amplify the internal conflicts and disagreements amongst the Shi’ites?

How to magnify the differences already existing between the two major sects of Islam (Sunni and Shiite).

Why are they afraid of Shi’ites.

After this research, They Came to the Conclusion that:

Shi’ite Scholastic leaders (Marj’as) are the real strength of this ( Jaffary) school of thought who protect the Shi’ite faith in all time at all cost. They are very strong about the principles and beliefs. They have never, in the vast Shi’ite history, given allegiance to any ruling authority that is not practicing Islam. It was Ayatullah Shirazi’s ruling that prevented the British from entering Iran.

In Iraq, the largest institute of Islamic teaching for the Jaffari (Shiite) school of thought was in Najaf. Saddam Hussein tried to buy and control this institute but failed to do so. At the end he had to shut down the school and till this day it remains closed for public teaching.

While, all the other religious institutions in the world usually go along with the government. It was the religious institution of Qum,( Iran) which was the main force behind the overthrowing of  The Shah of Iran.

In Lebanon the campaign of Ayatullah Musa Sadr forced the American, French and British armies to withdraw from Lebanon. Ever since Israel came into being, the Ayatullah stands as the greatest threat and challenge to it in the form of Hizbollah. Hence, from these encounters, we have concluded that direct confrontation with Shi’ites results more in damage than any kind of success. Thus, it is wiser to work behind the veil. The old British tactic to divide and rule proved to be unsuccessful, so we adopted another way, which is divide and annihilate.

We shall briefly summarize it below.

The plan is to :

  1. Appoint those who are prejudiced and harbour enmity against Shi’ites, and

  2. Glorify these (above) people. The idea is to use them against the Shi’ites.

  3. Utilize negative propaganda against the Shiites to isolate them from the main stream of Islam

  4. To provide literature which will stir up enmity for Shi’ites

  5. When these prejudiced people increase enough in number, use them as a weapon for war against the Shiites.(for example Taliban and Sipah e Sahaba)

  6. At the same time, propagate false information against Shi’ite leaders and scholars, which will open up another door for their conspiracy

Thereby, the fifth column should become distorted, so that they are unpopular amongst their own people and the Shi’ites start to hate their leaders.


On the aspect of ‘Azadari’ Dr. Brant says that in Shiite Islam the practice of mourning of Hussein brings about great emotion within the Shi’ites. The Shi’ites get together to commemorate and recall the even of Kerbala. One person recites and/or speaks of the tragedy that took place and presents a vivid picture of Kerbala. The young and the old grieve and mourn for Hussein and his household. The speaker and the masses who attend the lecture are important to consider. It is due to this gathering and speech that the emotions of Shi’ites are invigorated in such a way that they are ready to stand up and fight for the truth against falsehood and evil, even if it costs them their lives. Hence, billions of dollars must be spent in order to not only hijack the speakers but also the mass.

  1. First off, those Shias who are more materialistic and whose beliefs are weak, who have some fame and can be used as sources amongst the people must be found. These are the people who will be used in order to influence the saying of the ‘Azadari’ practice

  2. Then to bring out and encourage such speakers who do not possess correct knowledge nor the gnosis of Shi’ite Islam.

  3. Furthermore, look for and find those Shias who need some kind of financial or material gain and use them to campaign against the Shi’te faith. Weaken the foundations of the Shi’ite and blame it all on the Shiah Scholars and leaders (Marj’as)

  4. To encourage such practices in the mourning of Hussein (’a) which do not conform to the real Shiite beliefs and introduce new practices which will be against the teachings of the Shi’ite faith

  5. Present the Shia Azadari practices as a group of ignorant and violent people who create disturbances amongst the general masses.

  6. Sanction large funds to disseminate such movements and promote the speakers who will speak in a way as to present Azadari as something illogical

  7. Hence, a school of thought based on logic will be presented to be without logic and spurious. This is to cause distress and dissections between the Shias

  8. At the end strike them in the weaker moment

  9. Research and investigate and gather information against the Shiah Scholars and leaders and then provide this information to unknown writers

  10. Spend vast amounts of money to propagate the distorted information

  11. Spread this literature amongst the general people and speakers

In this way, during the last phase of this movement against the Shias, the final blow would be to dismantle the central authority, on which Shi’ites rely for their verdicts.

Complete by 2010

By 2010, this is to be achieved and disperse the Shias and weaken them.

The authority of Shiite scholars which would stand up to the ruling authorities, would be subdued by the Shi’ites themselves to destroy the power of the Shi’ite Scholars. Some of the activities for such a movement have already been launched successfully. Some are on the way to be executed in the future.

Dua GO:
M.Liaquat Raza

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