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Hussain Hussain Hussain

Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein

By: Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali

Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein
If the enemy attacked me and ripped my body apart,
And the only organ remaining alive is the heart,
Guaranteed, every beat it shall take it will shout Ya Hussein,
As long as we’re alive, we strive to follow your lane.
Hussein your name is embedded upon my heart,
From it, your name shall never ever depart,
For from my master, there is so much to learn and take,
By following you, we have the chance to meet your father and Rasoolullah by the Kawther Lake.
On Ashura, the rain poured down as blood,
On Ashura, the skies shed tears for our love,
On Ashura, the land of Kerbala stained red,
On Ashura, they all mourn the day Hussein was dead.
In Kerbala, Hussein and the family were prevented from water,
In Kerbala, they all had nothing to drink, even Hussein’s six-month son and his thirsty daughter,
In Kerbala, the enemies shall kill Hussein and slaughter,
In Kerbala, they stabbed and martyred the son of Kawther.
Oh Shia’s before you have a water to drink,
Stop for a second and just ponder and think,
For Hussein and the family were prevented from having a sip,
So shout Ya Hussein, before the drop passes your lip.
When would it be possible for me to visit your grave,
I’m ready to walk and crawl towards it as if I am your slave,
For I know that from you there is so much to learn and gain,
For I know that you will guide me to the straight and narrow lane.

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