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Let us return to the day of Ashura (favorit)

Let us return to the day of Ashura

By: Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi Al-Khalkhali

Let us return to the day of Ashura,
Let us return to the day, where the whole world is in
Azaa, (sorg)

Let us return to the land of Karbala,
Let us return to the land, in which is answered the dua, (bön)

On that red hot and sunny day,
Upon the sands Hussein’s body lay,

And his holy head placed up on top of the spear,
Surely this event made the whole world shed a tear,

For this was the one who to the prophet was so dear,
If not from the Rasool, if not from the Batool, then from who did the enemy fear?

Some of the enemey headed towards the camp in forces,
Whilst others decided to trample upon Hussein’s chest with their horses,

We the Shia shall pledge till our last ever breath,
We shall remember Hussein’s tragic death,

They thought they had accomplished their mission,
Did they not realize that this was the start of Hussein’s revolution?


If you seek salvation then visit Hussein,
For he guides the true one to the straight and narrow lane,
For the one who kisses Hussein’s dust,
His heart shall never ever rust,
For he has become so clean and pure,
As he has received Hussein’s cure.

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