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Helvetets eldar för kvinnor som är olydiga

Hazrat Ali (A.S.) as saying that he and Hazrat Fatima (A.S.) once visited the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and found him in tears.

They asked him the cause and he replied,

”O All the night that I went for Meraj (Ascension) I saw some women of my Ummah who were being so severely punished that I became concerned for them and started crying.

l saw a woman who had been hung by her breasts. Then I saw a second woman who was eating her own flesh and fire raged below her.

A third woman was hanging by her tongue and boiling water was being poured down her throat.

A fourth was bent double, hand and feet tied together, snakes and scorpions crawling all over her.

A fifth was deaf, dumb and blind, enclosed in a cage of fire, her brains oozing out of holes in her skull. Her body was breaking to pieces due to leprosy.

Another was hung by her feet, inside and over.

Yet another woman’s body was being shredded to pieces by scissors made of fire.

One woman had a head of a pig and a body of a donkey and was being given several kinds of punishments.

Another had the face of a dog, fire was entering her body from her behinds and coming out of her mouth and the angels were giving her a beating with iron rods.”

Hazrat Fatima (A.S.) then inquired of her father (Peace be upon him)

”tell me, what had these women done?” He (Peace be upon him) replied,

”Listen, beloved one, she who was hanging by her breasts used to deny her husband his rightful pleasure.

The one hanging by her feet used to go out of her house without her husband’s permission.

The one eating her own flesh used to beautify her and show her body to men other then her husband.

The one who was tied hands and feet together, with snakes and scorpions on her, never used to care about the filthy and unclean, or ’Najaasat and was not careful about bathing regularly after menses, intercourse etc, thus taking her prayers lightly.

The deaf, dumb and blind used to bear children through adultery but would claim they were her husband’s.

The one whose body was being cut by scissors made of fire never took care of her Hijab in front of Na-Mahrams (men other than those allowed to see her).

The one whose body was being burned and who was eating her own intestines used to provide other women to men for sex.

The one with the face of a pig and body of a donkey was backbiter and a liar.

And the one with the face of a dog, with fire entering from her behinds and coming out of her face, was a jealous woman.”

Then the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

”Sorrowful is the plight of the woman who makes her husband angry and happiness awaits her who makes him happy.”

This is quoted in the book ’Roahe Rehan’ from the book ’Kaafi’; Journey to the unseen world.

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