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Indonesien – Fanatiker uppmanar till Jihad och att “Rensa ut” shiiterna

Cholil’s message on the day, however, was anything but moderate as he called for a “purge” of the Shiites.

“As long as we [Islamic parties] are not in power, we will never be able to purge the Shiites,” he said.

“We need to strengthen our political base. The ruling coalition must be controlled by Islamic parties.”

The declaration itself called for “preventive and anticipative” action to deal with the “Shiite threat,” which observers say amounts to unprovoked attacks on Shiite communities in West Java and elsewhere, which continue to be carried out by hard-line groups like the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI.

FPI members were present at Sunday’s gathering, dressed in black ski masks and camouflage jackets stencilled with “Heresy Hunters.”

Än en gång är shiiterna, en minoritet i Indonesien och Malaysia, under attack. Förra året fördrevs tusentals shiiter, då deras hem brändes ned, medan polisen såg på. Nu har man samlat tusentals fanatiker, med polisens goda minne, för att uppmana till våld mot shiiterna, som utgör 500 000 av Indonesiens befolkning.

När staten och polisen inte vill skydda dig, vad har du för möjligheter att stå emot dessa fanatiker?


viaCalls for Jihad, Purges Emerge at Hate-Filled Anti-Shiite Gathering in Indonesia | The Jakarta Globe.

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