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The Road to Brightness

The road to brightness
Aya Faylee

It took me years, to face my fears
Lost many days, to find new ways

I steped on many soils seeking a challange
Walked different paths, searching for knowlegde

Untill one day, A name entered my ears
A name so unique, it almost brought me tears

Ali, they told me
Ali, they said

What does it mean? I wondered
Love it is, they answered

So, I opened the books and heard his stories
I read the lines, got amazed by his glories

A man so brave, got streanght of a mountain
A man so strong, except God, none made him frightened

A man so wise, I wished he was my teacher
A man with knowlegde, that flew him to the future

I soon realized, I no longer needed to travel
I soon knew, I had already found the treausre

Ali, was no longer a name for me
It was now my precious key

A key to unlock my darkness
A road to brightness, a way to end my blindness

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  1. ''sitting and bleeding'' 05 februari 2014

    One of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read !

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