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Have we learned the lesson of Kerbala?

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Have we learend the lesson of Kerbala?

We claim to have learned the lesson of kerbala, we cry, and complain and hit ourselves and say, oh If we only were there. If we only could stand with the oppressed against the oppressor. But is this not just mere fantasies?
Some years ago, my uncle, a Sayyid, was asking a man for the money that this man owed him. This man called people, who were in a Masjid, crying for Hussain, to come and kill the Imam Hussains grandson, my Sayyid uncle.

The beating was hard, 12 persons, who hit my 2 uncles. This all in Ashura. The ones crying for the oppressed, became oppressors.

Daily i get threats by people, who assume that they are real shias. One tells me i am Saddam, the other one says he will show me what he will do to me..and both were persons, crying for the Imam..And both claim to fight oppression, when they themselves are oppressors.

The problem with the shias of today is that they are shias in name, and this is about me too.

If we didnt only show off, and not only tried to play shia, or try to lure people to believe we are shia, and instead tried to understand the message of Hussain a.s and of Kerbala, then we would realise the bigger picture, we would see how far away we are from the message of Ali and Hussain a.s

In the Quran you read a passage that says, fight the oppressors and do not stop. We see a lot of oppression in the world, and we cry for Gaza and for Bahrain, but how about the oppression we commit against ourselves and against other human beeings? How do we oppress our neighbors? Friends? Relatives and people we meet?

Hussein is not only a name. Its not only a slogan. Kerbala is not only Kerbala of Iraq, but its Kerbala of the hearts, Kerbala can be the place where you work. where you see an oppressed where you see a victim of terror or a victim of bullying

Hussain is a call for freedom, fight against oppression. Hussain is a call for us to fight our own demons, our own oppression of others ,and to better our selves. When we realise how we treat our fellow human beeings, thats when we come Hussain closer.

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