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Idag i historien

Today’s Incident – 14 Rabiul Avval.

▪ 1- Perish of Yazid, the son of Muawiah

Yazid was the child of Muawiah and Maisoon. He perished at the year 64 A.H when he was 38 years old because of striking with a disease after three years and nine months of governing. He martyred Imam Hussein (a.s) and his companions in karbalaa at the first year of his administration and made the incident of Hurrah at the second year of his administration. At the third year of his administration, he surrounded the house of God and ruined it with catapult. (1)

1. Havadith ul Ayyam, page 87.

▪ 2- Rise of Mukhtar

When Abdullah ibn Muti’ was the governor of Kufah, he wrote a letter to the husband of his sister, Abdullah ibn Umar. He was freed by him from prison and gathered the Shiites around himself. Abdullah ibn Muti’ called Mukhtar. He understood for what he has called him and pretended that he is sick.
Mukhtar gathered his companions secretly and said: now it is the time of rise. The companions of Mukhtar rose with him on Rabiul Avval twelfth 66 A.H after permitting from Muhammad ibn Hanafieh and swearing allegiance with Ibrahim ibn Malik. They resided in Darulimarah [administration palace] and the chiefs of tribes swore allegiance with them and they pulled Ibn Muti’ out of Kufah.
Mukhtar administered eighteen months and killed the murderers of Imam Hussein (a.s) with assistance of Ibrahim ibn Malik.
Mukhtar send the decapitated head of Ibn ziad and some other cursed people to Muhammad ibn Hanafieh and he sent them to Imam sajjad (a.s). [when Imam saw the decapitated heads] prostrated and said:
اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذى اَدْرَكَ لى ثارى مِنْ عَدوُى وَ جَزىَ الْلّهُ الْمُخْتار خَيراً.(2)

1. Havadith ul Ayyam, page 88.

▪ 3- The Beginning of the Administration of Bani Abbas

The Administration of Bani Abbas was started by Abul Abbas Abdulla ibn Saffah ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Abdullah ibn Abbas ibn Abdulmuttalib at the year of 132 A.H and it continued until the year 656 A.H.The last Abbasi caliph, thirty seventh caliph, was Abu Ahmad Musta’sim Billah. (3)

3. Havadith ul Ayyam, page 88.

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