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Ashura – Sunniternas lärda går till attack mot wahabiterna

Senior Sunni Cleric Severely Condemns Wahhabi’s Holding Feasts on Ashura.

Sunniislams stora lärosäte Al Azhar och dess representanter angriper Wahabiterna för att dessa väljer att fira Profetens barnbarn, Al Hussain bin Alis död. Medan hela världen sörjer denna martyr, även kallad de unga männens ledare i Paradiset, så väljer wahabiterna att fira att han mördades i Irak för 1400 år sedan.

Al-azhar university cleric severely blasts Wahhabis for holding feasts on Ashura, mourning day for the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS).

Senior Sunni cleric Sheykh Khalid Muhammad Kamal al-Shazli in a speech in the Egyptian capital of Cairo pointed to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam and grandson to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said that holding mourning ceremonies on the day of Ashura is one of the best ways of worshipping God.

A professor to Al-azhar university, Sheykh Khalid Muhammad Kamal al-Shazli said,” In the holy books of the Sunni, there are references to the catastrophes of Imam Hussein (AS) and holding feasts and parties on this day is absoulutely out of one’s ignorance and if Muslims do so, they have to change their way.

Wahhabi-related media every year in the mourning month of Muharram recite uncertain narrations which introduce Ashura as the day of feast and parties thinking that one has to hold a party on this day and double the blessings of the day by fasting.

Noteworthy to say that the Egyptian and people of Cairo in particular, including Shia and Sunni have a special attention to Imam Hussein (AS) mosque believing that the head of Imam Hussein (AS) [decapitated after his martyrdom] was carried by one of the daughters of Imam Hussein (AS) to Egypt as a way of protection from the enemies.

The place is now considered a holy place and much respected by both Shia and Sunni.

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