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Yazid och klockan

Yazid was asking a stranger what time it was. The stranger told him it was 4:45. Yazid, looked at the stranger with anger and slapped him! One of his companions asked ”Why did you slap him?” Yazid replied ”I have been asking that question all day and each time I get a different answer!!!”

A shia and and wahabi guy die and they both get sent to hell. The angel of death gives them both a minute phone call each to make a call to whom so ever they wish… the shia guy calls Imam Ali and asks him to help him and support to get out of hell, however Imam Ali tells him sorry i cant help u committed ur sins u have to deal with the consequences and then he hangs up. The wahabi guy decides to call Mu3awiya for help and support but he too tells the wahabi the same thing. The angel of death brings them both each of their phone bills, the shia guy looks at his bill and sees a fee of $100 and the wahabi guy get a bill of $5… the shia guy sees this and gets pissed off and says how come i get a bill of $100 and he (wahabi) gets a bill of $5, the angel of death tells the shia guy ur call was international and the wahabis call is right over there!!!!

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