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Information about Malaysian Shia Muslims situation

This text is in english as i have had several hits from people in Malaysia. The situation of the shias of Malaysia has been horrible recently. You are allowed to be hindu, buddhist or even christian but the shia creed is not allowed. This injustice has to stop!

Here i have collected several clips and articles to inform you about your own country, a country that is run by a Taliban like religious police the so called JAIS. Dont we muslims have enough enemies, do we really need to spread hate against our fellow muslims?

Shiaislam explaind in Malay. Are shias muslims? Do they worship Ali? Do they believe in Ali or in Allah? Very good information for Malaysian people.

Malaysian muslims seek to legally worship.

Media Causes about Malaysia

Shias in Malaysia are mistreated

Facebook presstatement about the shias of Malaysia (not shown in Malaysian media)

Malay inside information

JAIS director frustrated that he cant stop the shias from continuing their religious duties.

Malaysian Shia Muslims seek to legally worship.

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  1. Bahlool 30 december 2010

    Förstod inte riktigt allt..i första filmen om muawiya och omar

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