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Politisk Hip Hop

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Older woman cold from the hardness of life
the bloodiest of days and the harshest of night
all she knows is war like a Sargent with stripes
stinger missile point at the target and strike
she’s a pistol but never really had a main squeeze
nothing official like love that came with a ring
in fact the opposite men were abusive and dominant
boundaries they never honor it they just wanna conquer it
never hug her just hold her like hostages
so she’d bury they heads in the sand like ostriches
miss independent but she ran into a man who liked to hit women
thought he was big pimpin
and he could take her and rape her for some quick riches
this time she needed divine intervention
and she received it from another man that had a plan that was strategic
and said he preceded cause he believed in Jesus.
it was so good to hear it cause its what her spirit needed
and together they defeated broke that man to pieces cause he never had retreated
if time was like a picture she would forever freeze it
But after they victory she watched him leave quick
brokenhearted his promise he didn’t keep it
had another chick and they relationship was secret
he didn’t want her he only wanted her allegiance
seething she vowed to never let her heart take over her reason
as long as she was breathing
and got deep into religion kicked her heroin habit
her new apparel was the blackest of fabrics
and it covered her from head to toe even her eyes
like if you wanna know me you only seeing my mind
and they say time heals all wounds but they was lyin
cause guess who showed up and accused her of conspiring
to take him out both guns he was firing
her she go again another war that she fighting in
he said her religion went and made her to disciplined
heated up the heron and made her take hits with him
took away her longer drape put her in some lingerie
he said he just wanna lay pipe and he’ll be on his way
now she struggling emotions that she juggling
cause inside she felt she broke her religious covenant
but then this dude still with his other chick
he said she was so lubricated that he was sprung off it
he was loving it but then he got stuck in it
no rubber meant he got burnt now he suffering
but that meant she wasn’t hand cuffed by him
cause his other girl was getting all the punishment
she started rebuilding felt her disease healing
got back her strength her tank was refiling
then dude came back and said he was a changed cat
and anything that she wanted he could arrange that
he said him and the other girl was over
but really he went soft and he pulled out his solider
but that ain’t what he told her
the game he spit was bullsh*t she could tell by the odor
but when she said no the conversation got louder
he said she couldn’t stop him cause she didn’t have the power
it was either take the money or gunpowder
a nuclear shower she’d be easily devoured
but he was so young and her story was long
since way back in the days with Genghis khan
she never gave in she slayed men who thought they was strong
so she wasn’t shook when he claimed that he was bomb
she ‘s never been afraid of the grave and beyond
so she looked him in his eye and said it’s on
It’s Her Story

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