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Luqman den vises råd (eng)

Lite råd från Luqman, om hur man kan få ett fulländat liv och ett gott liv efter detta. Det här är på engelska också, då jag inte ville eller orkade översätta.

The best gift that any parent can give to their children are advises that‘Luqman the Wise’ gave to his son”.

I wish and pray that all are able to benefit from the wise words of such a great man and able to use it to guide yourselves towards good in this world and the hereafter, Inshallah.

“Be a companion of the wise and sit with them. Do not argue with them – that they may prevent their knowledge from you.”

“If you learn discipline in childhood, you will benefit from it after you grow up.”

“Be habituated with good habits – so that you may prove to be the heir of the virtuous and benefit those who come after you.”

“If people defeat you and snatch away the worldly material things from you, do not worry.
Rather, try to ensure that you may not be defeated in the spiritual matters – that no one may snatch away the Hereafter from you.”

“Make a 1000 friends, because even a 1000 friends are less. But do not make even one enemy because even one enemy is sufficient.”

“Make your character the noblest of all.”

“Never be envious. Consider it below your status to be envious. Never behave badly with others.
These two evils can harm none but yourself.”

“It is better to be in good company than be alone. But it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

Prophet Musa (a) asked Allah (swt):
“O my Lord! What is the reward of one who remains patient just for Your pleasure, when people hurt and abuse him?”
Allah (swt) replied: “I will protect him from the terror of the Day of Judgement.”
Allah (swt) gave the following revelation to Prophet Musa (a):
O Musa! I have not created anyone more beloved than My believing servant. Even when I afflict him or remove affliction, it is certainly in his best interest, for I know his interest better. Therefore, he should be patient during affliction and thankful during blessing so that I will rank him among the righteous ones and this is when he acts for My pleasure and obeys My decree.

Allah (swt) in hadith-al-Qudsi says:
“O Children of Adam! I did not create you so as to increase Myself out of poverty through you, or to seek companionship through you after being lonely, or to seek your help on matters in which I was inefficient, or for the sake of a benefit or for warding off harms.
But I created you so that you can worship Me constantly and thank Me a lot, and praise Me day and night.
O son of Adam! Not a single day you pass, but that your provision comes to you from Me;
And not a single night passes but that My angels give Me accounts of your bad deeds.
You eat My provisions, but still disobey Me; but when you call Me, I still answer you.
From Me good bounties descend upon you and from you sinful deeds come up to Me.
How good a Master I am and how bad a servant you are!
I give you whatever you ask Me, but sill you go on sinning.
I hide these sins, one after another, one evil deed after another.
I am ashamed of you but you are not ashamed of Me!
You forget me, but I remember you. You are afraid of people, and you are careless of Me.
You fear enmity of people, but do not fear My Wrath!
O son of Adam! Do not be pleased with your wealth; it won’t last forever.
Do not become sad because of poverty; it is neither a burden nor is it incumbent upon you.
Do not become hopeless because of calamities, indeed gold is tested by melting it in fire; likewise a believer is tested by calamities (Balaa).

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