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Ashura – gästinlägg

Gästinlägg om den tredje dagen i Muharram, skriven av Noor

Tredje Muharram:

“The best of Jihad is that of a word of right spoken to an unjust ruler.” – Profeten
“Those who worship and adore God do not worship others.” Imam Hussain (pbuh)
When the whole plain of Karbala was full with Yazid’s regiments and the Imam Hussain’s camp was
totally surrounded by the enemy’s forces, Son of Saad the Commander of the Brute armies met Imam
Hussain on the banks of the river and demanded ‘allegiance’ on behalf of the tyrant Yazid and said:
“If you pay homage to Yazid, everything will go well for you and whatever worldly comforts and privileges you desire for, will be at your disposal. Otherwise, it will end in a wholesale massacre of yourself and all your dear ones here.”
Imam Hussain firmly refused to pay the ‘allegiance’ saying:
“Tell Yazid to tempt with the worldly comforts to those who are after this World. I am the Imam, the representative of the Apostle of God. I shall never yield to the one who believe not in God and who defied the Word of the Lord, in word and deed, and who spread godlessness on the earth. Let any calamity befall on me & my dear ones, the will of the Lord shall be followed. Hussain will cheerfully meet any catastrophe but never surrender Truth to falsehood.”

Dikt –

The Saviour of Islam
The leader of Islam
The hero of Islam
You saved Islam by giving your life
The courage and patience you had in your life
To sacrifice your self was easy in life
You gave your family but never complained
You had no water but never complained
Your family was tortured but never complained
Without resting day and night
Fought with Yazid to show us the right
From the darkness life you brought us the light


  1. Z
    Z 20 december 2009

    Tacksam för att du tog med mitt inlägg, men varför är det dubbla inlägg, det står två gånger..?

    Hade min presentation idag, läste dikten på arabiska inför hela moskén!

  2. Bahlool
    Bahlool 20 december 2009

    grattis Noor

  3. Roger S.
    Roger S. 20 december 2009

    Men Znoor. Upp med din egna blogg. Bahlool är inte så spännande numera. Behöver mer idioti…

  4. Bahlool
    Bahlool 21 december 2009

    lol en idiot talar om idioti…suck

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