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Do not say Shia are the lovers of Ali

A poem from the Lebanese Christian poet, Paulo Salamah on Imam Ali(as)..

Do not say Shi’a are the lovers of Ali!
For in every impartial human there is a Shi’a…

The truth has ignited inside the Christian,
Until of all this love he became an Alawi!

Oh Prince of Eloquence this is my loyalty,
I thank Allah that He has made me loyal,

For I am a lover of heroism and inspiration,
And justice and good manners,

If Ali was not a prophet,
Indeed his actions were as a prophet,

He is the pride of history not pride of a tribe!
That history itself claimed him as its custodian!

He was killed to save this universe,
So Allah grant this universe your eternal blessing,

And please reward me for what my hand has written,
For tears have overflowed in my eyes,

He is the best of humans after Taha (Muhammad),
This universe has never seen a human like him!

Oh heavens be my witness and oh earth remain stable,
And calm for I have mentioned the name of Ali!

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