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R.I.P – Vittorio Arrigoni

Må Allah visa dig barmhärtighet.. Mörkrets krafter ska inte vinna. Ditt liv var inte förgäves, din kamp var inte hopplös. Palestina kommer bli fritt från sionismens kontroll!

Heretic Productions present: Mazin Qumsiyeh’s tribute to Juliano Mer-Khamis; ”From Deir Yassin to Gaza’

My kind old mother laments
Decades of memory that transcends
Fake Gods and fake peace offers
who bless nichsayon and slaughter
our eyes fail to see or just lament
blood of a child licked off a pavement
By stray thirsty cats
with more morals than army brats
Our ears fail to hear
voice of Dr. Izzeldinne echoes
”I shall not hate” anguished cries
After three beautiful daughters
With a tank shell and a niece in slaughters
Our noses feail to smell
The whiff of death mixed with gun powder
Or the vomit of our tortured
Our hearts fail to feel
the punctured womb by the old home
the severed girl’s head by the mosque dome
Our fingers fail to touch
an anguished young mother
Looking for a child
Jews, Christian, Muslims wail
The lost humanity to no avail
the generals must have their joy
to test their newest toy
in Gaza white phosphorous back in use yesterday
impunity from war crimes thanks to the US of A
billionairs must make more dollars
zealots must sacrifice children at altars
Gabriel can stay a knife but not drones
And hate can murder a thousand Julianos
While the apathetic multitude watch TV
Obliviously focused on their shopping spree
Bypassing love and responsibility
Chasing gadgets, hate, and vanity
Next news bulletin…. get the experience
Next anniversary..awaken the conscience??

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  1. Zheng He 18 april 2011

    Så tråkigt att dessa hjältar som står för rättvisan och godheten dör som flugor! Människor som står för rättvisan, harmonin och freden bör aldrig glömma dessa hjältar som har kämpat för goda sidan!

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