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Ashura – Dikt om Hurr

Salam Allah 3ala Ahlul Bayt (a.s) we ansaar Ahlul Bayt (a.s)

Back and forth he frantically paced
To solve the dilemma that he faced
He kicked the sand, and was breathing hard
A general held in high regard

That night a true believer met his fate
He asked for water, so he could think straight
Made a cup with his palm, he held out his hand
Into the pouring water he took a deep glance

In the water he saw the answers he desired
And he was willing to carry the orders required

He saw the face of his Prophet and the oath to his God
He realized his leaders were nothing but a fraud
He saw the truth with Hussain and saw it with Abbas
He threw down the water and prepared to move across

Engulfed in a state of penitence, eyes flooded in tears
Hur sat on his horse with his sword and his spear
Many sinners repent, but this was not the same
Hur approached Hussain as a slave with hands tied in shame

’Till his dying breath his grief couldn’t be contained
Requesting forgiveness, he died in the lap of Hussain

Hur, in your brigade is where I want to be
Enter heaven as a man whose heart truly sees
Help me give up this world to fight for my Lord
In humility, to Imaam’s tent, I wish to walk toward

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