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Månad: augusti 2009

Uri Avnery – Krossad dröm om Israel

Brevet är långt men väl värt att läsa. I korta drag är det ett brev om sionisters krossade drömmar, drömmar om ett Israel som blev allt annat än vad de tänkte sig eller kämpade för att det skulle bli.

“Therefore I, a 95 year old Sabra (native born Israeli Jew), who has plowed its fields, planted trees, built a house and fathered sons, grandsons and great-grandsons, and also shed his blood in the battle for the founding of the State of Israel,

“Declare herewith that I renounce my belief in the Zionism which has failed, that I shall not be loyal to the Jewish fascist state and its mad visions, that I shall not sing anymore its nationalist anthem, that I shall stand at attention only on the days of mourning for those fallen on both sides in the wars, and that I look with a broken heart at an Israel that is committing suicide and at the three generations of offspring that I have bred and raised in it.”

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