• The five underneath the cloak

    The five underneath the cloak 
    By: Aya Faylee

    Underneath the Yamani cloak, the prophet let his family stay 
    Peace be up on their pure souls, to heaven they are the only way

    Underneath that piece of cloth, Mohammed made an immortal confession 
    A proof that they were the right road to follow, the safe direction

    Under that cover he raised his hand towards the heavens and prayed
    Announcing to the world that his love and trust in Ahlul Bayt laid

    Telling the oceans and the mountains, the sky above and the earth below 
    That he is from them and they are from him; he let the whole universe know

    At war with their enemies he shall be, and at peace with their friends 
    Angry with their oppressors and pleased with their faithful associates

    Then the Lord, Almighty Allah to the angels in the heavens said
    But for the love of the five under the cloak, everything he had made

    Mohammed, his last prophet and the best of his creation
    The messenger who taught us the manners of a great religion

    Fatimah, daughter of Mohammed and the symbol of modesty
    The illuminated sun that shines upon us with beams of verity

    Ali, the commander of the faithful, the door to the city of wisdom
    The man with a heart of a lion, the non-believers fearsome

    Hassan, to his grandfather the apostle of God, he had the most similarity 
    A noble leader that walked on this earth with massive generosity

    Hussein, the warrior of fairness, the bravest soul mankind ever maintained
    Who taught the creation the definition of courage, how justice is obtained

    Underneath the cloak, they sat surrounded by the prophet’s sweet scent 
    Five souls who are our faultless guidance to how life should be spent

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