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Egypten – Shiiter förvägras besöka Hussains grav på Ashura

Egypt’s police barred a number of Muslim Shias from entering Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo to celebrate Satruday the holiday of Ashura.

On Ashura, Shia Muslims commemorate the killing of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

The decision to ban Shias from Al-Hussein Mosque reportedly came after a number Salafist Youth and a number of Sunni movements filed a complaint requesting that Shias be blocked from entering the mosque Saturday.

Meanwhile, Al-Azhar issued a statement warning against staging any celebrations in the mosque, saying that Ashura would only be celebrated through fasting and praying, adding that Egypt and Sunnis refuse any form of “heresy that will only cause sectarian conflict.”

viaPolice blocks Egyptian Shias from celebrating Ashura in Hussein mosque – Politics – Egypt – Ahram Online.

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