• My thoughts in the morning

    Vaknar, har missat dricka vatten, borsta tänderna eller göra imsaak..då blir jag yr av kärlek

    I am at peace with who is at peace with you..

    I am at war with who is at war with you..

    I hate who hates you and i love who loves you.

    May Allah curse who fought you, cursed you, hated you.

    May Allah curse who had one ounce of evil thought about you

    You are my Masoomeen, my beloved once.

    You are my honor and my pride. You are the chosen ones.

    The flags of truthfulness…The banner of righteousness.

    You are the keepers of the secrets, the defenders of faith. My life still clocks on – all due to my love for you…14 infailibles..Salam we Alef salam!!

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