• Abdullah bin Sabah

    The famous and highly respected Wahhabi Imam Al Albaani declared him a liar (Silsila Sahiha, v3 p184) as well as Imam al-Haythami (Majm’a al-Zawaed, v8, p98). He is declaredweak by Imam Ibn Hajar (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p408), Imam Yahya ibn Mueen (Tarikh Ibn Mueen, v1 p336) and Imam Al-Nesai (Al-Du’afa, p187). Al-Hakim said “Sayf is accused of being a heretic. His narrations are abandoned.” (Tarikh al-islam, v11 p161). Even Al-Dhahabi says “Sayf Ibn Umar wrote two books, which have been unanimously rejected by scholars” (Al-Mughani fil Dhufa, page 292) as well as countless others. Even the famous non-Muslim scholar of Islam, Wilfred Madelung of Oxford University has said that “few, if any historians would accept Sayf’s legends of Abdullah ibn Saba.” (Succession to Muhammad, page 2)

    Om Sayf ibn Umar, författaren av lögnerna om Abdullah bin sabah



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