• Imam Khomeinis råd till ungdomarna

    Imam Khomeini’s 16 recommendations to the Youth:

    1.Performs the five ritual prayers at the prescribed times ; done absolutely the Nachmitternachtsgebet .

    2.Fasts on Mondays and Thursdays.

    3.Shortens the time of your sleep, and reads more often in the Quran

    4.Attentive to promises and agreements and fulfill them.

    5.Give the needy donations [sadakat] .

    6.Stay away from slander.

    7.Do not take part in celebrations with plenty of spending and luxury, and not themselves organized such festivals.

    8.Wear modest clothing.

    9.Does not talk much.

    10.Operates sports (gymnastics, hiking, mountain climbing, wrestling, swimming).

    11.Read more (religious, social, political, scientific and philosophical articles, quotes, presentations …).

    12.Learn Technical (driving, mechanics, electricity).

    13.Learn Arabic pronunciation and grammar, and be wise in any situation.

    14.Forget about your good deeds, but you remembers your previous sins .

    15.With regard to earthly Schauf on the poor and in terms of looking at the Intellectual Gottesehrfürchtigen and clergy .

    16.Inform yourself informed about current events and you in relation to the affairs of Muslims.

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