• I am not a sinner..

    Hittat på nätet..

    I’m not a sinner; I just can’t do anything right.
    I’m not depressed; I’m just always sad.
    I’m not crying; my eyes are just full of tears.
    I’m not living; I just keep breathing.
    I’m not a thief; I just take what I need.
    I’m not a slut; I just express my feelings.
    I’m not trying; I’ve already given up.
    I’m not stupid; I just don’t get it.
    I’m not weird; I’m just different.
    I’m not a rebel; I just don’t take orders.
    I’m not worthless; I just don’t know my value.
    I’m not a believer; I’ve already lost hope.
    I’m not a punk; I just act like myself.
    I’m not beautiful; it’s only skin deep.
    I’m not emotional; I just have a lot of feelings.
    I’m not a cutter; I just found a way to get rid of pain.
    I’m not immature; I’m just not growing up.
    I’m not a quitter; I just stop and re-think.
    I’m not laughing; I need to smile first.
    I’m not impulsive; I just act before I think.
    I’m not perfect; I don’t want to be.
    I’m not ignoring; I just choose not to listen.
    I’m not a gossip; I have my own life.
    I’m not pessimistic; I just don’t get my hopes up.
    I’m not impatient; I just don’t like to wait.
    I’m not happy; I do have sparks of joy.
    I’m not tough; I just don’t take shit.
    I’m not clingy; I just want to be held.
    I’m not opinionated; I just voice what I think.
    I’m not a poet; I just express myself in words.
    I’m not questioning; I just have my doubts.
    I’m not hiding; I just want to disappear.
    I’m not you; I’m just trying to be me

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    fin denna dikten var. Gillar den.


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