• Nade Ali

    En gammal shiitisk dua, som gjorts om till religiös sång. Jag har publicerat den tidigare, men då jag älskar repriser, kommer den här..

    Dikten på engelska

    Call Ali, who is Manifestor of wonders, Thou shall surely find him helper in your difficulties, all grief and sorrow shall be removed. I submit my temporal wishes to Thee on whom I trust and always referred Thee to bestow fulfillment of temporal wishes. O! Having Thee bestowed support, O! Thee Appointed Wali, All grief and Sorrows will disappear, By Thee by Thy tremendousness O! Lord, By Thee by Thy Apostleship O! Muhammad, – Blessings of Thee on Thy Apostle & descendants, By Thee by Thy granted Power & Authority of Wail, O! Ali, O Ali, O! Ali Help! O! Ali for Thee granted eternal hidden grants to you, Help! Allah the Almighty is Supreme, Allah the Almighty is supreme, Allah the Almighty is supreme, I am relieved from the enmity of (your) enemies. Thee is Eternal, Absolute; I have trust in Thee, By that truth, Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech help. O! Helper of the Seekers of help!, O! Ali help!, O! Mighty all winner over enemies, O! Eternal Leaders of the Leaders, O! Manifestor of Wonders, O! The Chosen one, O! Mighty and Powerful, O! Mighty, Valiant, Chivalrous Able oppressor of antagonists Might & Valour is yours, O! Powerful combater, You are mighty and Irresistible, Such a Powerful & Strong avenger that none is capable to resist nor keeps power to revenge I submit my temporal wishes to Thee, The supreme, No doubt Thy is All Knowing O! People, There is no God except ALLAH The Supreme, The Merciful, The Beneficent O! Allah, Thy is sufficient, The best Governor, The best Master, The best Helper. O! Helper of seekers of help and bereft, O! The Merciful helper of poor, Come for Help! O! Ali Help! O! Ali Help! , O! Thee by Thy Mercy, by Thy Favour, by Thy Goodness of rewarding, (Help) O! Thee The Merciful and The Most Gracious

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