• Ghadir – Celebrating Ghadeer

    För vem Jag var Mawla är Ali mawla för.

    Vilken härlig dag..Vilken fest..Vilken glädje..Idag är det din dag min mästare!!

    I begin in my Lord’s name
    And without feeling guilt or shame
    Raise my voice in His praise,
    In remembrance of His days.

    Best of all the days held dear
    Is the blessed day of Ghadeer
    And read this poem to celebrate
    This joyous event and momentous date!

    No other day is more renowned,
    Ali was in the heavens crowned
    Chosen by God to succeed
    The holy Prophet, and to lead.

    It’s a day when believers rejoice
    God’s wisdom and His noble choice
    To appoint a righteous, just Imam
    For the sake of the Muslims and Islam.

    When the Prophet, in the scorching heat
    Waited for all Muslims to meet
    In Ghadeer that it be shown
    Who will succeed him, and be known:

    “Whosoever takes me as his master,
    Without Ali will face disaster.
    God’s religion is now complete
    And His favour will be your treat.”

    The hypocrites were quick in their frowning
    At Ali’s illustrious crowning
    Why this delay? Why all this fuss?
    Isn’t Ali just one of us?

    I ask in return where have they been?
    Do they know Ali, have they not seen?
    He was the foremost in faith and deeds
    Tending to all the Prophet’s needs.

    He understood Islam as it should be
    From sin and vice he was free
    Without him Islam’s message is lost
    Our prosperity will be the cost.

    With these words I mark my stand,
    And place my hand in Ali’s hand.

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. follower... skriver:

    ”… Och människan tror att Gud skapade en dag med större helgedom än Ghadir? La Wallah, La Wallah, La Wallah”.

    Imam Jaffar As Sadiq (peace be upon him)

  2. baqer alasadi skriver:

    kol 3am oe ante bikair

  3. Bahlool skriver:

    Tack det samma azizi


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