• Hizbollah – Vår identitet

    Ett citat från det första öppna brevet som publicerades av Hizbollah 1985. Det förklarar rätt bra, vilka och vad Hizbollah är.

    Our Identity
    We are often asked: Who are we, the Hizballah, and what is our identity? We are the sons
    of the umma (Muslim community) – the party of God (Hizb Allah) the vanguard of which
    was made victorious by God in Iran. There the vanguard succeeded to lay down the bases
    of a Muslim state which plays a central role in the world. We obey the orders of one
    leader, wise and just, that of our tutor and faqih (jurist) who fulfills all the necessary
    conditions: Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini. God save him!
    By virtue of the above, we do not constitute an organized and closed party in Lebanon.
    nor are we a tight political cadre. We are an umma linked to the Muslims of the whole
    world by the solid doctrinal and religious connection of Islam, whose message God
    wanted to be fulfilled by the Seal of the Prophets, i.e., Muhammad. This is why whatever
    touches or strikes the Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines and elsewhere
    reverberates throughout the whole Muslim umma of which we are an integral part. Our
    behavior is dictated to us by legal principles laid down by the light of an overall political
    conception defined by the leading jurist (wilayat al-faqih).
    As for our culture, it is based on the Holy Koran, the Sunna and the legal rulings of the
    faqih who is our source of imitation (marja’al-taqlid). Our culture is crystal clear. It is
    not complicated and is accessible to all.

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  1. K.dij skriver:

    länge leve hizballah, shiamuslimernas enda stolthet!


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