• En ung journalists död…

    I några år har svensk media tagit ställning för Dawid Isaak, en eritreansk journalist som suttit fängslad i sitt hemland för att ha skrivit artiklar som irriterat makthavarna. Jag kan inte göra annat än hylla dessa medier som tar ställning för en sådan modig journalist, men jag måste ändå fråga mig varför man inte nämner de som mördats för att de tagit ställning emot de USA vänliga makthavarna i Irak?

    Norra Irak styrs av Barzaniklanen, en härskarfamilj som bekämpat centralmakten i Irak i många år. En ung journalist skrev om denna familjs korruption och kontakter med USA och Israel, hans belöning var döden. Jag kopierar texten och kan inte annat än känna empati för denne man, som nu mördats, för att han skrev något som ifrågasatte makthavarna. Som han så bra säger, döden är inte det han fruktar, utan ett fortsatt liv i sådan misär som miljoner som han och hans syskon får leva, på daglig basis.

    I am in love with Masood Barzanis daugther

    By Sardasht (Saro) Osman
    “Note from Kurdistan post: The writer of this article killed by Massud Barzani service agency called Parastin because of the content of this article. Anybody writes about Massud Barzani family would be killed as they killed few other journalists in the past”

    I am in love with Massud Barzani’s daughter. The man who appears here and there and claims he is my president but I would like him to be my father-in-law and also I would like to be a brother-in-law with Nechirawan Barzani.

    If I become a son in law of Massud Barzani, we would spend our honey moon in Paris and also we would visit our uncle mansion in America. I would move my house from one of the poorest area in Hawler to Sari Rash and it would be guarded by American’s dogs and Israeli bodyguards nightly.

    Also I would make my father to become the Minister of Peshmarga who had been Peshmarga with September revolution but now had no pension because he is not any more a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

    Also my unlucky baby brother who finished university recently but now he is unemployment and wants to leave Kurdistan with the help of some smugglers, I would make him the chief of my special forces.
    My sister who has been even embarrassed to go to Bazar for shopping, I would let her to drive all the expensive cars same as all Barzani’s daughters do.

    My mother who is diabetic and has blood pressure and heart problem but she cannot afford to go to outside Kurdistan to seek medical attention, I would hire couple Italian doctors for her in the comfort of her house.

    For my uncles, I would open few offices and departments and I would make them with all my nieces and nephews high generals, officers and commanders.

    However, all my friends said Saro to let it go and give up otherwise you will get yourself killed because this is the family of mala Mustafa Barzani and if they want to kill anyone, they sure will”
    I told them I did not commit blasphemy and I swear to the dagger (Khanjar) of Mustafa Idris Barzani that my father had spent 3 nights with him in some area of mountain and so what would the problem by saying those things. Massud Barzani claimed himself that he is a president, and I would ask him” how may time has he visited Halwer and Sulaimani in the last 18 years and visited few locations?”
    My problem is this man and because he is so tribal that he is so proud of himself that he does not recognize anybody from that other side of Sari Rash. By few clicks, I can be able to find out more about any leaders’ wives in the world but I have no idea who my mother-in-law is and how she looks like.

    I have no idea whom I should take with me to ask Massud Barzani to give me his blessing to marry his daughter. From the beginning, I thought I should take with me few religious figures, some respectful old men and some old Peshmarga, but one of my journalist friend told me that I should find some Saddam collaborators ( Jash)and those who contributed in Anfal operation with Saddam because they are all around Massud Barzani now and he likes them. Another friend suggested that I should go to one of news conference of Nechirawan Barzani and make friend with him and ask him to do you a favor, but if he did not help you, then you can ask Dashne (a Kurdish singer) because she meets them more often and she might help you out.

    Nechirawan Barzani is a nephew of Massud Barzani and he is married to one of Massud Barzani’s daughter.
    Sari Rash is a very beautiful area in Kurdistan and surrounded by mountains and it is the place of Massud Barzani’s home and nobody allows to go to that area

    Här skriver han om hur han känner dödens fotsteg närma sig..


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