• En liten bön

    Jag har alltid föredragit det engelska språket före andra..här kommer en liten förbön:

    O He who opens up doors (opportunities),

    O the causer of causes,

    O the converter of hearts and vision,

    O He who directs nights and days,

    O He who changes stratagem and circumstances, change our situation into the best condition.

    O mighty, O independent, O helper of the helpless,

    O He who shows the way to those who are wandering,

    O He who takes pity on the destitute,

    I rely on Your and entrust my affairs to You,

    O Lord and “there is no power nor strength save in Allah, the highest high.”

    O One who changes the hearts and visions, O One who directs the night and the day, O One who changes situation and circumstances, change our circumstance to the best of circumstances.

    I Entrust my affair to Allah; verily, Allah keeps an eye on (His) servants.


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