• A bridge to Sweden?

    Elektricitet är nästan obefintligt i Irak, så folk drar en massa skämt om det..här kommer ett skämt från en irakisk blogg och den nämner tom Sverige 😛

    Most of Iraqis gave up on electricity and out of frustration people tell this joke:

    An Iraqi man found a Genie’s lamp quickly he rubbed it and a Genie appears: Master, all your wishes will come true.

    The Iraqi man quickly asked for only one wish not three: Make us a bridge from Baghdad to Sweden so all of us can leave. The Genie responded: ask for something reasonable!!! The Iraqi man responded: Oh you are right then I wish that the electricity in Iraq will be fixed.

    The Genie quickly responded: hmmmmmm lets go back to the bridge to Sweden. Do you want it one or two lanes bridge?!!

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    Haha därför kom vi hit


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