• Never could the sun outshine this Beautiful Prophet of mine

    Oh! How I wish I could have seen,
    the Greatest Hero there has ever been.
    As his sword with bravery did gleam,
    as he did fight the Kuffar and Mushrikeen.
    Oh! How I wish my ears could hear,
    The Greatest Teacher to ever appear.
    As he sat with his Companions so dear,
    Beautifully preaching, with love and fear.
    Oh! How I wish my Heart to emulate,
    The greatest Mercy that ALLAH did ever create.
    As he did demolish vice and hate,
    As his kindness did reverberate.
    Oh! How I wish my Character to be,
    Like The Purest of mankind undoubtedly.
    As he who played with children lovingly,
    As he who was rarely seen unsmilingly.
    Oh! How I wish for such determination,
    As Him-the Greatest Illumination,
    The truth he conveyed to the entire nation,
    As he guided them with his motivation
    Never could the sun outshine
    This Beautiful Prophet of mine.
    Oh! How I wish to be like HE
    Noble Prophet MOHAMMED, upon Him May peace Be

    av Nurul-Ayn

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